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These are the types of details we pay attention to, in order to keep your RCFE in compliance


Assisted Living for the elderly, or Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, as they are officially called, is a very rewarding experience for those who are blessed enough by good fortune and the love for others, to provide such facilities. In fact, RCFC growth has far outstripped inflation over the last decade. And, as the “boomers” age, they will be willing to spend their wealth for care and facilities that feel like, look like, sound like, and even smell like “home”. Nursing Homes have greatly changed over the years, but not enough to keep up with the demands of still active seniors.

However, for very obvious reasons, states cannot simply allow anyone to put a sign on their residence and call it a Residential Care Facility for the elderly, or RCFE.

When you are caring for someone who is not a family member, licensing and bonding requirements must be met. Also, residential safety standards are strict, numerous, and must be complied with.

As a licensed and experienced LVN, Carol Rock has devoted herself to knowing and fully understanding all state requirements for assisted living facilities. She has made it a point to incorporate all new state and federal mandated rules and regulations into her training, and is prepared to keep you and your facility out of harms way when it comes to dealing with the Department of Social Services.

Carol will work with new RCF owners to ready their assisted living home for its first residents. She also helps owners who find themselves in violation of DSS regulations, to get their violation corrected, appealed, amended and back in the good graces of DSS.

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It’s possible to be in full compliance with California DSS rules and regulations, but your time and energy can be better spent with RCF residents and staff. Can you afford the time to fully comply on your own? Can you afford the financial setback for not meeting DSS rules? Give us a call today!

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The regulations that cover Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly are not particularly hard, but they are extensive. Without proper attention to detail, it is easy to overlook a specific issue that could subject you to disciplinary measures, and even result in the closure of your facility. And, once a citation has been issued by the Department of Social Services (DSS), the resolution of that citation and a plan for improvement can occupy many hours of your time.

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